In this brief video, we demonstrate how to plan your garden using the Fryd app:

1. Go to the 'Plan' section in the menu.
2. Click on 'New plan' located in the upper left corner.
3. Now, you can easily drag and drop various shapes onto your plan. You can also create custom shapes by combining them, for example, by dragging a triangle onto a rectangle.
4. You can adjust the size of the shape using the blue markers or input specific dimensions in centimeters in the fields at the bottom of the screen.
5. Next, you can add vegetable plants to your garden using the plus symbol (+) in the bottom right corner. You'll immediately see their space requirements and compatibility with other plants.
6. Clicking on a plant allows you to access details such as the number of plants, variety selection, mixed-culture score, and more.
7. You can also include additional garden elements, like paths or trees, which can be found in the 'Decoration' tab.
8. To save your current plan and return to the 'Plan' menu, click on the floppy disk symbol in the upper left corner.
9. In the 'Plan' menu, you'll find a 'more options' button for each planting plan, allowing you to edit garden settings. Here, you can rename your garden or input additional location factors.
10. In the garden options, you can specify whether your garden is covered, which is important for watering reminders.
11. You can also indicate the soil quality in the garden options, choosing from light (sandy), medium, or heavy (loamy). This helps us recommend suitable plants and estimate your soil's water retention capacity.