Take a quick look at what Fryd brings to the table in this video: https://youtu.be/D5mBJt4YwfA.

  • Garden Planning: Sketching out a mixed-culture garden on paper can be a right faff. With Fryd, it's a breeze. We'll guide you to craft the perfect mixed-culture garden layout, tailored to your spot and your chosen plants. Fancy saving time? Use the magic wand or pattern templates. Or, if you're feeling hands-on, plan away with the aid of the Mixed-Culture Score. Your garden, your rules.

  • Planting: Dive into the Fryd magazine and podcast for weekly seasonal advice and self-sufficiency guides. Plus, there's our handy gardening lexicon at your fingertips.

  • Library: Here, you'll unearth a treasure trove of info on a myriad of plant varieties. Learn how to nurture them and get the lowdown on pesky pests and how to fend them off.

  • Tasks: With your Fryd garden blueprint in hand, we'll drop you weekly nudges and how-tos, steering you through the planting, reaping, and using process.

  • Season Overview: This nifty feature lays out all the sowing, planting, and harvesting dates for your green gang, and you can tweak these dates as you see fit.

  • Community: Stuck or just curious? Dive into Fryd's bustling community of over 200,000 green thumbs ready to lend a hand.

For the full breakdown of what's on the house and what comes with Super Fryd, have a gander at our Pricing page.