Here's a brief overview of the Fryd plant library:
The Fryd library is an extensive collection of plants. It currently boasts over 3,000 varieties, and new additions are made regularly. These plants are categorized into different groups, such as legumes, under which you can find individual species, like runner beans. Within a species, you'll discover various varieties, each with its unique characteristics. For example, you might find bean varieties like 'Hangdown,' 'Eleonora,' or 'Crimson.'

If you can't find a specific variety you're looking for, you have the option to create it yourself in the library and share it with the community through 'Community Varieties.' This not only helps fellow Fryd gardeners but also allows them to incorporate your variety into their planting plans. Our database functions like a 'Wikipedia for vegetable varieties.'

The Fryd Biology team works diligently to maintain the quality of the plant library and verify data. Verified varieties are marked with a purple tick and labeled as 'verified data.' You can confidently rely on the information provided for these varieties when planning your planting.