Dive into this video where we walk you through the magic of effortlessly populating your planting plan using the magic wand: https://youtu.be/71bqGdvtc9E

The Fryd magic wand isn't just any tool – it's your shortcut to a hassle-free planting plan. It lets you shape your garden based on companion planting principles with just a few taps. Here's the drill:

1. Kick off with a planting plan that's either a blank slate or partially filled.
2. Spot the 'magic wand' icon? It's nestled at the bottom left of your planting plan. Give it a click.
3. With one swift move, watch as the gaps in your planting plan fill up. Fancy using your go-to plants? Or fancy a surprise with a mix of varieties? The choice is yours.
4. Not quite right? No worries. Tap away until it looks spot on. And remember, you can always tweak the suggestions to get it just the way you like.

 Just a heads up, the magic wand is a special feature available only with Super Fryd.

Happy planting!